Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secret Life Recap: Are Amy and Adrian Really Friends Again?

Not gonna lie, I loved last week’s episode of Secret Life. So much drama. So much fighting. That’s the stuff good TV is made of, people! And last night’s ep, “Round II,” was, well, not so much good TV. Everyone made up and is now friends again and sure, we’re happy that they’re happy, but couldn’t Ben not have apologized to, like, everyone? And couldn’t Ricky and Amy just still be fighting? Call us selfish but that’s what we wanted to see!

Anyway, let’s recap the ep, shall we?! It still had some cool moments…

1. Still upset from the fight from the night before, Ashley and Amy are still mad at each other. And Ashley is seemingly mad at herself and throws a little pity party, complaining to her dad that she’s not pretty or smart or anything else that he compliments her with. Yeah, maybe, but she does have that super hot study buddy who’s basically just dying to have sex with her…
2. Grace and Grant are on the mend, and they have what seems to be a heated texting conversation. Then Grant’s dad shows up to Grace’s door saying that he read the texts (rude!) but agrees that Grant should apologize (phew). And of course, Grace and Grant are fine by episode’s end. And in other Grace news…
3. Grace is trying to get Amy, Ricky, Adrian and Ben to stop fighting, but we’re thinking the middle of the school hallway isn’t exactly the best place to do it. Amy just breaks down about being overwhelmed as a teen mother, Adrian cries about being scared about being a teen mom and, well, the entire school hears the conversation.
4. And in that very same conversation, Ben finally apologizes for what he said to Amy and for butting into Amy and Adrian’s business in the first place. But Ricky? He gets heated and emotional, saying that the reason is has so much sex is because he’s trying to heal from all the abuse he suffered as a child. Awkward.
5. And after Amy and Ricky make up and Adrian and Ben share a heartfelt convo, Adrian’s shower is a go. Not only do Grace and Amy show, but Lauren, Madison, and some random girls from school come bearing gifts.


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