Monday, June 20, 2011

What Can He Hear

Today, I sat outside with my doggie Zach, and was thinking of a few things, like my cousin who’s on her way with her bad ass kids ugh OMG LOL, but as I sat there throwing the baseball as my dog brings it back to me, I just thought about Life, Family, and Friends a lot more. For so many years I thought the way to live was to always have the finer things in life, but now I know its not all about the Big Cars, Big House, and fancy cloths. I always listen to the quote my mom would tell us as kids “We’re not the Richest people in the world, and We damn sho isn’t the poorest” LOL.

I tend to talk to my pup a lot LOL! I wonder does he listen to me when I talk, because he just sits there with he tongue hanging out LOL and every time I start to cry he start to lick my tears I just think that is so cool to me LOL, but I was just talking to him about how Blessed I am to have Family, Him, and Friends. Welp then my cousin showed up and I didn’t speak, I just sat there as they walked inn. So, like I was saying then I thought to myself, WOW I’m so Blessed to have bad ass little cousins in my Family LOL! My mom always says to me “There just little boys my son” LOL but yeah there 21 and 25 um I mean 3 and 4 LOL! I stood back up to play with my Zach because he was pulling on my pants leg LOL! Then I went and got my Lab “Alex” OMG he is a beast when it comes to playing rough LOL, but I just love animals.

I also thought about School, which I’m in my last few weeks of High School. WOW! I have to get prepared for College “Morgan State University” which is in the Fall of this year (2011). I can’t wait to get out on my own, It’s always been a dream LOL. I think he has for a lot of people. My mom always once again quoted to us “Never bite the hand that feeds you” well I never bit her so hey, I’m in GREAT hands LOL!

Well, this is all I just wanted to vent on this just to clear my head.. OH thanks to Zach & Alex for helping…& Zach is a great listener. He is really sitting here reading this LOL!