Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rumor Has It........

*Singing Rumor has it, rumor....*
 Adele Adele Adele, she back once again but with a twist. since the birthing of her son Angelo James in 2012, she has been working on her new album in titled "25". Adele is pulling a BeyoncĂ©, as some of us would say. Remember when BeyoncĂ© just released an album with out telling a sing soul about it? Well, guess what? Adele is about to do the same. Radio host Dino over at Kiss FM, released a statement saying "Sing Adele is releasing a new Album any day now". SO I guess we're all just waiting until then.........

Auntie Fee shows us Ghetto Cooking.

Youtube's newest hit channel "Sistah Girls" with Auntie Fee is a big hit.

Felicia O'Dell from Los Angeles, Cali, Owner of "Sistah Girls Catering" shows us how to make cheap and simple dishes for Adults, the muthafucking kids, and more. She has a iPhone, a Kitchen, and herself, that's all it takes "MuthaFucka". Auntie Fee and she has others to name her, reached over 1 millions views on YouTube in just a few days. She is a straight up "G" as she calls herself. She Shows us how to Bake chicken, make raisin turn overs, and Egg rolls. All with leftover food from things kept in the freezer, or at lease a day whole. Read more to find out about Auntie Fee.