Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Auntie Fee shows us Ghetto Cooking.

Youtube's newest hit channel "Sistah Girls" with Auntie Fee is a big hit.

Felicia O'Dell from Los Angeles, Cali, Owner of "Sistah Girls Catering" shows us how to make cheap and simple dishes for Adults, the muthafucking kids, and more. She has a iPhone, a Kitchen, and herself, that's all it takes "MuthaFucka". Auntie Fee and she has others to name her, reached over 1 millions views on YouTube in just a few days. She is a straight up "G" as she calls herself. She Shows us how to Bake chicken, make raisin turn overs, and Egg rolls. All with leftover food from things kept in the freezer, or at lease a day whole. Read more to find out about Auntie Fee.
We love Auntie Fee videos, as she cusses out her son, whom is the camera man. LOL! Keep the videos coming auntie fee.
Some people judged her by not washing her chicken properly (Video Below), but she was trying to show you in less than 15 mins without editing the video. I wish you all with the neg comments would stop, cause auntie fee has made "Jimmy Kimmel, TMZ, and WordStar HipHop). Y'all Mad or NAh?

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