Saturday, December 3, 2011

Victim of fake ‘doctor’ speaks out about botched surgery

When the story of a fake doctor injecting a woman’s buttocks with fix-a-flat first broke last week, we all assumed the victim was a biological woman.

44-year-old Rajee Narinesingh has come forward to put a face to the case that made headlines around the world. This story supports the many reports of trannies regularly performing dangerous operations on each other in the tranny community.

According to Splash News:

"Alleged victim Rajee Narinesingh speaks out about the botched surgery she claims to have suffered at the hands of Oneal Morris, an accused bogus doctor who was arrested in Miami, Florida, amid claims she injected patients’ buttocks with cement instead of silicone. 44-year-old transsexual Rajindra underwent multiple implants to her face, breasts, buttocks and hips over a two-year period from 2006-2008 in the hope of appearing more feminine, Rajindra, known as Rajee, is now receiving painstaking corrective surgery with Coral Gables plastic surgeon Dr John Martin. Rajee fears she could have died after being injected with a cement like substance and having her wounds closed with superglue allegedly by Oneal Morris. Pic taken Nov 29."

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