Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jersey Shore spin off called "Buck Wild"

MTV hopes a new "reality" show set in West Virginia will find "Jersey Shore" success, but state officials aren't on board with the idea.

"Buck Wild" will star a group of friends and recent high school graduates in rural West Virginia, according to TV Guide.

The show, "will include a wide range of kids across the socio-economic strata -- from the more well off kids living 'up in the hills' to the working-class kids down 'in the holler,'" according to TV Guide.

Pam Haynes, director of the West Virginia Film Office, said New Remote Productions Inc., which has worked on several projects for MTV, applied twice -- once in May and once in July -- for a state tax credit. They were denied both times, out of fear the show would cast the state in a negative light.

The West Virginia Film Industry Investment Act affords tax credits to filmmakers and production companies, up to 31 percent credit, if they film in West Virginia.

"The legislation is clear that a production company can't participate in the program if it shows West Virginia in a derogatory manner," Haynes said.

"Jersey Shore," MTV's most viewed series ever, has drawn criticism for its depiction of Italian-Americans.

The executive producer of "Buck Wild," J.P. Williams of Parallel Entertainment, is a native West Virginian who is best known for creating Blue Collar Comedy, featuring comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and others. Williams was not available for comment Monday.

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