Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives: LA Finale

In the season finale of ‘Basketball Wives: LA’, cast members Draya Michele, Gloria Govan, her sister, Laura Govan, Imani Showalter and Malaysia Pargo meet up with antagonist Jackie Christie for the last time to tell her they’re leaving her for good......

As soon as Jackie shows up, she makes them wait ten minutes for her Hennessy to arrive before addressing the matters at hand. “Jackie always needs her drink. It’s her spinach. It gives her her muscles, it’s liquid courage,” Draya says of Jackie’s power move.

“You are the common denominator between all the stuff that’s been started,”says Gloria. “We’re all on the same page and this relationship isn’t working.”

“We’re breaking up with you!” Draya puts it more bluntly. “Jackie will not die,”says Draya. “She keeps popping up out of the casket like the Cryptkeeper.”

But Jackie is confident in the knowledge that there is no show without her. She makes them all get up and leave the restaurant as her way of saying she’s not going anywhere.

Kimsha Artest (Ron Artest’s wife), whom we all thought was gone from the show, shows up again (because no one else in the cast will speak to Jackie). It shows all over Kimsha’s face that she is just there to collect a paycheck.

Laura Govan reveals that she’s moving to Orlando to be closer to her deadbeat baby daddy, Gilbert Arenas. Her brother-in-law, Matt Barnes, who rides the bench for the LA Lakers, attends her going away party.

Afterwards there is an emotional scene between Matt and his now-estranged baby mama, Gloria Govan. After apologizing for cheating on her, Matt tells Gloria that he sees a future with himself, her and their sons together. But Gloria symbolically shuts the door on his dreams of a reunion.

For the record, I don’t believe they really broke up. They’re always packing to move somewhere in every reality show they’ve been in.

The BBWLA Reunion show is next week, and it promises to be full of drama and surprise revelations.

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