Monday, November 7, 2011

BBWLA: Episode 11 "Jugdement Day"

Whew, what can I say about BBWLA Ep11! WOW!
Well tonight was much different to me because Jackie got that A** turned out by the other ladies. Would I say Jackie deserved it YES, because she the one that always going around spreading uncensored information about others. JUST LIKE A LEO! When the season first start I was in love with Jackie Christian, but now NAH.

The other ladies where more open to talk to me tonight but iMani wasn't up for that bullcrap. She wanted Mrs. Christian out of her face. When they had that fight in the hotel room and Jackie knew she couldn't keep with Laren HA she gone try and turn to Malaysia. Man, laysia yes laysia set that helfa str8, because jackie knew that she could handle laren and there was nothing towards Malaysia that she had so she took it out or inn some would say out on Malaysia .

Glory tonight was uh a little open then she always is. She knew how to handle jackie this go around which is a great thing lol YAY Glo. Miss Draya face had me rolling with her silents haha. Draya you did the right thing by not saying a D*** thing. Go DrayaFace! IM not going to keep going in on this im done because jackie Pissed me off to the D tonight with her old A** acting like she's in her late 20's early 30's #DEAD haha Enjoy peeps.

P.S I almost forgot. Jackie word tonight was "Thrash"? 

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