Monday, October 24, 2011

19-year-old prostitute charged with killing a john for kissing her

A 19-year-old Milwaukee prostitute has been arrested and charged with strangling a client with his suspenders for trying to kiss her.

According to, Precious Dupriest, 19, was working a street corner on Sunday, Oct. 16, when she was picked up by 63-year-old Billy J. Murray in his silver Cadillac. He asked her if she wanted to “get high and have fun,” explaining that “fun” meant sex acts.

The two were seen on surveillance video entering a room at the Village Inn on Wisconsin Avenue. According to Dupriest, they smoked a piece of $40 crack cocaine together, then Murray tried to kiss her. She told him no because ‘that’s disgusting,’ according to the criminal complaint.

Dupriest and Murray tussled on the bed and ended up on the floor of the motel room. She said she reached for his red suspenders and began to strangle him. After Murray passed out, Dupriest kept on chocking him until she was sure he was dead. “She could not stop strangling him because if he woke up then she could end up in trouble,” the complaint said.

Surveillance video showed Dupriest leaving the motel room alone carrying Murray’s pants. She drove off in his Cadillac.

Murray’s body was found the next day by employees of the Village Inn who went to the room to tell Dupriest and Murray that it was past checkout time.

A man who was driving the vehicle when it was pulled over near N. 10th St. and W. Concordia Ave. told police he received the car from Dupriest in exchange for $50 at N. 13th and W. Hadley streets.

Dupriest is being held without bond.

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