Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Stefan Seeks Out a Cure for Damon. And Jeremy Dies, Well Almost.

It was the season finale of The Vampire Diaries last night and for some odd reason, “As I Lay Dying” didn’t feel very finale-ish. At all. Yeah, they kind of gave us a cliffhanger, but it felt more like the regular weekly ones we always get. And sure there was drama, suspense, and what appears to be a new romance brewing, but come on, CW! We expected just a teensy bit more.

1. Damon gets worse and starts having hallucinations. Damon’s persistent hallucinations of his past with Katherine cause him to bite Elena, but luckily not to the point where vampire transformation could begin. A pro of these memories? Damon realizes it was never Stefan’s fault that he became a vampire, but instead his for wanting to be with Katherine. Stefan is officially forgiven!

2. Stefan seeks out a cure for Damon. As Damon’s werewolf bite gets worse, Stefan refuses to allow his brother to die. So he goes out to search for a cure only to kind that Klaus is the answer! Blood of a werewolf cures the bite of a werewolf. Kinda sucks that this was Stefan’s only option. Not to mention, this is a total life changing point for Stefan who is now in debt to Klaus. Could we possibly be getting an evil Stefan next season?

3. Jeremy dies, but not quite. Sheriff Liz aka Caroline’s mom, winds up shooting Jeremy on her pursuit of Damon. Our mouths dropped wide open! Did anyone else freak at this point? After Caroline’s failed attempt, Bonnie was able to revive Jeremy by calling on to her witch ancestors. But as we saw, this comes with some serious consequences. Former now dead vamps following him around? Scary!

4. Katherine is free from Klaus. Yes, Klaus has finally freed her but only to keep Stefan. She delivers the cure for Damon. So in a way, can we say Katherine saved Damon? No, we’ll stick to Stefan since he has basically given up his life for Damon’s survival. And now with Katherine free, will she be causing new havoc?

5. Klaus kills his brother. Okay now, who didn’t see this coming? We totally did and it was pretty obvs considering the type of thing person Klaus is. It was true that Klaus had killed their entire family although he lies to try to save himself. Elijah, we hate to say it, but we told you so!

6. Damon and Elena in love? Yea, we sort of figured this and so did Katherine appearently. Damon confesses to loving Elena, but feels he’d never have a chance since she’s so hung up on Stefan. But with Stefan now in the hands of Klaus, we can definitely see these two hooking up. Damon and Elena a couple in season 3? Umm, we wouldn’t doubt it!


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